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Mommy and Me Classes in NJ

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I'm so glad you've decided to enrich your child's life with music. This will be one of the best educational choices you will make during your child's early development. Musical Munchkins has been introducing babies, toddlers and preschoolers to music through instrument play, song and movement for over 30 years and the results have been wonderful!

Age appropriate classes! Live guitar music! Our toddler music classes in NJ are designed to offer irresistible challenges for each age group in their own class. When you experience this, you will immediately see the benefits. The entire class is devoted to them and they will enjoy it surrounded by their peers. 
After all these years of teaching it still thrills me when I see toddlers respond to the cues they learn to identify in a song, or when I see the delight in a baby's eyes as they bounce on their parent or caregiver's knee.  There is nothing like the pride in their grownups face when they move around the room for the first time on their own.  One of the first things parents tell me is that they love to do their vocal exercises at home. Our classes are fun and participation is contagious with our instantly singable songs!

The Musical Munchkins program encourages individual creativity while also inviting children to participate with their caregiver and peers in group activities. Many of our children are with us from 6 months to 4 years of age. Since we organize our classes by age we are able to achieve goals as well as offer challenges. When they leave our program they are well prepared for the school years ahead.  They will have strength in music as well as academics and they will be comfortable in social environments. As parents and caregivers you will have many proud moments in Musical Munchkins with memories that will last a lifetime.

Please browse our website and then give us a call to arrange a visit to one of our mommy and me classes in NJ, or to plan your child's Musical Birthday party!

Everyone needs music in their lives!

Joanne Zuravnsky
Musical Munchkin's of New Jersey
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